Owner and founder of SunStreet Photo, Shaun has been professionally photographing all things since 2005 and his love for the art was inspired by family. "My grandparents' travels across Europe were something I could enjoy through the endless photographs they took - when my grandfather gifted me his Minolta camera, I was hooked for life." 

Currently in his third year of teaching photography at Empire High School, he loves working with high school seniors to create unique portraits that highlight individual personalities. In addition, he has photographed over 300 weddings and feels especially honored to become his clients' 'photographer for life' - documenting all of life's big milestones from high school to college to marriage to creating a family. 

He's a die-hard U of Arizona athletics fan and has a rare talent for facial contortions (a gif example is available upon request).

More fun facts about Shaun:

  • Photographer instructor extraordinaire
  • Lacks all interest in shoveling snow
  • Favorite memory: summers with my grandparents in Illinois
  • Loves New Mexican food
  • Coolest class ever taken: Music Theory
  • Ultimate dream job (other than current vocation!): professional musician, basketball coach, teaching photography workshops around the world


A former New Yorker and combined military/medical school brat (thanks Pops!), Molly arrived in the great desert southwest 6 years ago and joined forces with Shaun in 2013. With a background in film production and post production, the transition to photography was fluid and she loves the variety of clients and opportunities that running the studio and working on-location brings on a daily basis. 

She also LOVES burritos and hopes to win Starbucks for Life one of these years.

More fun facts about Molly:

  • Photographer, filmmaker & all-around organizer
  • Built homes in Mozambique for Habitat for Humanity
  • Animal rescuer & lover
  • NYTimes crossword nerd
  • Favorite place: the beaches in Corsica
  • Ultimate dream job (other than current vocation!): Travel writer, Animal Sanctuary Owner 

*Her talents for facial contortion are limited, but as a former gymnast, she can and will still walk on her hands at length if asked.

Want to know more?  We love getting together with clients for coffee or cocktails...or in Molly's case, burritos.  Shoot us an email, send a text or dial a call and let’s make a date!



SunStreet Photo Studio Address:

439 N. 6th Ave. #143

Tucson, AZ 85705

Corner of 6th Street & 6th Avenue